A village simulator with a focus on dynamic, engaging social AI behaviors.


Eklektos is an AI-based project that combines utility systems, decision making architectures, and social simulations to dynamically create characters with realistic behaviors and interesting interactions. At its core, Eklektos simulates a town full of AI villagers. These villagers spend each day balancing the needs of their community with their personal desires. The AI tries to manage their lives efficiently by planning and collaborating; to make these interactions more intriguing, the AIs communicate and form emotional ties to one another. Ideally, this project develops into an enjoyable gameplay experience with mechanics that give the player influence over the AI.


* Developed alone over the course of 1 year.
* A village simulator with rich, interactive AI behaviors.
* Programmed in C++ using my homebrew engine.
* (Hopefully) Earned me a Master's degree in programming.
* More details to follow!