Starship was the first game I developed in my personal engine.


The engine used to create Starship was made from scratch, so everything from the math library to the rendering was developed by me! In Starship, I created a physics movement system for a little ship that flies around in space. My stars parallax in the background and twinkle with random colors. Different types of AI chase up to 2 players around, controllable by xbox controller or keyboard, and a boss fight in the final stage provides a big finish to the gameplay experience. The purpose of this project was taking simple foundations and exploring juicing those features up to the max, rather than creating a large complex product.


I was overwhelmed at the start of this project due to my lack of previous C++ experience, so I learned very quickly that asking questions is not only acceptable but necessary. I also learned that simple graphics are sometimes better and create a more polished product in the end.