A Way Home (C# + Unity)

A Game for Change about Childrens' Rights.

* Internship 2019
* First Person RPG
* Empathy-Inducing Gameplay

STORY: Katrina is an 8 year old living in Germany, and Alex is a 10 year old American. How do their lives compare, and why are they treated in different ways? The game asks players to empathize with children, give a voice to those who have none, and learn about the CRC.

Click Here to Watch Gameplay of the Demo!

A Way Home A Way Home A Way Home A Way Home A Way Home

Willa & The Great Blue Skye (Python + RenPy)

A Game for Change about Mental Health Awareness and Suicide Prevention.

* Honors Thesis/Solo Project 2020
* Decision-Driven Visual Novel
* Empathy-Inducing Gameplay

STORY: See how one's own decisions can affect other people around you. Play as Willa, a Junior in high school, as she discovers her priorities in life and unravels the sudden, mysterious aloofness of her best friend, Skye.

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Unbearable Mayhem (Lua + Corona)

A Game about Human Enchroachment.

* Capstone Group Project 2019
* Programming & Marketing Teams
* Single-Player 2D RPG Style
* Unbearably Fun Action

STORY: Humans have been tearing down forests for their own homes without ever thinking about the animal lives that are erradicated with every fallen tree. This bear says enough is enough! If humans won't leave the forest alone, animals will be forced to encroach on 'human' territory and steal back resources remorselessly.

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Unbearable Mayhem Unbearable Mayhem Unbearable Mayhem Unbearable Mayhem

Lass & Dale (CHIP-8)

A Game about Female Empowerment.

* Solo Project 2016
* 2D Sidescroller
* Creativity under Design Constraints

STORY: Bonnie "Lass" has always dreamed of knighthood, but her family has always told her that women can't be knights. Bonnie decides to change that! With her trusty steed, Clyde "Dale", she disguises herself and anonymously enters a local tilting-at-the-ring tournament; the winner of the competition shall gain knighthood.
Will Lass and Dale prove to the world that women can be knights, too?

Lass & Dale Lass & Dale Lass & Dale

Puppy Lives (Lua + Love)

An Anti Puppy-Mill Game.

* Solo Project 2017
* 2D Two-Player Competitive
* Changes Players' Concept of Winning

STORY: Puppy Lives exposes the harm that occurs from overbreeding and inbreeding through puppies with mutations; the game also shows the abusive nature of forcing dogs to stay in small cages where they cannot fend for themselves. By showing the win screen only when a player quits, the true message of the game is revealed:
No one should ever run a puppy mill because a life isn't a business venture.

Puppy Lives Puppy Lives Puppy Lives Puppy Lives

Candy Dust (Javascript)

Monsters Under the Bed: Not So Scary!

* Solo Project 2019
* 2D Platformer
* Help Children Overcome Fear of Monsters

RULES: Collect candy stars to gain points, and complete levels as quickly as possible for a bonus! Find special secret candies to unlock new monsters. Don't forget to jump high and duck low to search in hidden spots!

STORY: Long ago, a child awoke in the night and saw eyes in the darkness, a nightmare monster, lurking in the shadows! What these children don't know is... these 'monsters' are afraid of humans! They sneak into bedrooms every night in search of sugary treats and tasty candies... But they dread being caught! As soon as they realize a human is nearby, they flee, dropping all their snacks... So if you see eyes in the moonlight, fear not! The little monsters are simply hungry.
If you're lucky, they may leave some candy dust for you to find!

Click Here to Play on the Candy Dust Website!

Candy Dust Candy Dust Candy Dust Candy Dust Candy Dust

Purrsonal Tail (HTML)

Let Life Grab You by the Tail!

* Solo Project 2017
* Choose-your-own-Adventure Style
* Focuses on Replayability

RULES: The player's end goal is to be recieve a name at the end of a story thread. Players can choose almost endless paths in their story, with new events occuring even on paths backtracked upon in a single playthrough; over fifty obtainable endings are possible and unlimited events in the process!

STORY: When the time comes, all young kittens are sent off into the world to be given a name; these kittens must go on a purrsonal journey to discover who they truly are in life. Will you simply hunt and bask in the sunlight calmly? Will you allow yourself to be tamed, or revolt against human society? Will you time travel, or learn magic?
The story is in your paws.

Tail of Purrsonality Tail of Purrsonality Tail of Purrsonality Tail of Purrsonality

The Free-Thinking Gentlemen and Ladies' Club

An Analog Alternate Reality Game.

* Group Project 2017
* ARG Mystery Style
* Focuses on Player Interactivity

RULES: Either through a series of instructions from an email and website, or through solving a puzzle on a poster, players are initiated into a fictional school club. The deeper the player becomes involved with the NPC's storylines, the closer they get to finding out how a former club member disappeared; and whether or not that member actually died. Multiple pathways and endings are possible.


The Oracle (Processing)

An Educational Simulation.

* Solo Project 2018
* Simulation Style
* Prosociality Taught Through Experience

RULES: From the start screen, players can choose one of three 'crystal balls' to look into the future of animals, forests, and the skies, respectively. Players then interact with each respective screen and engage in simple visual simulations of humanity's current projectory.

STORY: For the animal story, many species have already become extinct; eventually, the only animals left will be the lucky few species who have been chosen for either domestication or consumption. Wild, exotic, and 'unnecessary' animals will cease to exist since humans feel no need to protect them. For the forest story, players may choose a 'watering can' to see forest growth or an axe to see the effects of deforestation on Earth. Finally, for the sky story, players create clouds of pollution by dragging their mouse across a clear city sky; they also watch as trash fills the ocean. All of these simulations aim to educate humans on their environmental footprints and encourage players to act prosocially in the future.

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